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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005

Subject:back to lj
Time:10:39 am.
Happy new years everyone
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Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Time:8:49 am.
so jake's birthday is coming up and his parents got him tickets to see chris rock at madison square garden and he invited me to go, so this monday night me and the snake will be representing in nyc, fuck yea! thanks jake!!!:)
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Friday, January 23rd, 2004

Time:5:41 pm.
i think "ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER" pretty much sums it up
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2003

Subject:sell outs
Time:1:26 pm.
it seems that being a cunt is all the rage now a days, well congratulations all you trendy fucks out there
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Thursday, December 11th, 2003

Subject:this entry is lame
Time:10:23 am.
Mood: depressed.
what a week...got "broken up with" or whatever the proper term would be, anyways, i got a good laugh out of it...that did not so muh bother me.

smoked a lot, been hangin out w/ brooke and kate a lot, it's good times. the other night i come to find some things out about someone/something, major ego blow, now this bothered me. not at first it didn't just i couldn't stop thinkin about it, still can't, it's like in my head and i can't get it out. tonight we are going shopping for cocktail dresses for amy's party, i'm sure it will be fun.

i need a bowl pack and a newport right about now. i'll do that just as soon as i get ready.

i'm sick of a lot of things but i figure there is no point in being miserable i'm better off trying to make the best of everything. so i guess i'll try and do that. now i gotta get ready, i already feel like shit, no need to look like it.
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Saturday, December 6th, 2003

Subject:snowday whut whut
Time:9:52 pm.
Mood: high.
i never knew how fun sonowdays could be...
~smoked lots and lots
~car is stuck in florence cuz it's a japanese piece of shit
~smoking by myself at night in the woods wasn't as scary as i thought it would be(good thing i had all that man hunt prep)
~i wish i could smoke in my room
~i think when everyone goes to bed i will enjoy being fat ant stoned and bake cookies, i'll probly just pas out instead
~i wonder what's on tv
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Thursday, November 20th, 2003

Subject:this survey was gay
Time:1:09 pm.
Series One - Yourself:
-- Name: Lauren
-- Birthdate: july 14
-- Birthplace: bucks county pa
-- Current location: computer class
-- Eye color: green
-- Hair color: blonde highlights
-- Righty or lefty: righty.
-- Zodiac sign: cancer
-- Innie or outtie: innie

Series Two - Describe:
-- your heritage: italian stallion all the way
-- the shoes you wore today: roxy flip flops
-- your hair: long, usually straight, blonde highlights
-- your weakness: i don't really know, right now i feel great
-- your fears: dskjddfssldjf
-- your perfect pizza: mmmm pizza
-- one thing you'd like to achieve: get good grades in school

Series Three - What is:
-- your most overused phrase on aol/aim: lol
-- your thoughts first waking up: lol, "im an asshole, i can't believe i did that"
-- the first feature you notice in the opposite sex: how sexy they are
-- the best name for a butler: gonoreah
-- your best physical features: i have green eyes and i happen to like them
-- your bedtime: whenever i finally pass out
-- your greatest accomplishment: becoming an independent woman
-- your most missed memory: anything from summer

Series Four - Do you prefer:
-- pepsi or coke: coke
-- mcdonald's or burger king: i'm on a diet
-- single or group dates: single, that way you can makeout
-- adidas or nike: reebok
-- lipton ice tea or nestea: snapple
-- chocolate or vanilla: chocolate ice cream and vanilla blunts
-- cappucino or coffee: wawa french vanilla cappucino
-- boxers or briefs: boxers
-- Bras or Panties: usually

Series Five - Do you:
-- smoke: too much
-- cuss: i think i say fuck more than anything else
-- sing well: not at all but it doesn't stop me
-- take a shower everyday: usually
-- do you think you've been in love: don't know, but if it was love i don't ever wanna deal w/ it again
-- want to go to college: i'm in class right now not doing my work
-- like high school: couldnt stand it
-- want to get married: only for money
-- type with your fingers on the right keys: nope
-- believe in yourself: sure
-- get motion sickness: no i like when things move.
-- think you're attractive: when i play pretty pretty princess
-- think you're a health freak: na, but lately all i've been eatin is lean cuisine and wawa fruit cups
-- get along with parents: sometimes
-- like thunderstorms: when im laying in bed
-- play an instrument: nope

Series Six - In the past month, did/have you:
-- drank alcohol: of course
-- smoke(d): of course
-- done a drug: weed is not a drug
-- had sex: oh yea
-- go on a date: i think i had a date last night
-- go to the mall: i'm addicted to shopping
-- eaten an entire box of oreos: no fat ass
-- eaten sushi: no
-- been on stage: lol, at the convention hall, drunk and by myself
-- been dumped: nope
-- gone skating: i love rollerskating
-- made homemade cookies: i make some bangin ass cookies
-- been in love: no way
-- been skinny dipping: can't remember
-- dyed your hair: highlights
-- stolen anything: i accidentally stole a peach snapple

Series Seven - Have you ever:
-- played a game that required removal of clothing?: i dont remember this either
-- if so, was it mixed company: who says mixed company?
-- been trashed or extremely intoxicated: last night i got more fucked up than i've ever been
-- been caught "doing something": na, keep that shit on the dl
-- been called a tease: yea, but i proved him wrong
-- gotten beaten up: yea right...fight me and see if you can beat me
-- shoplifted: nope
-- if so, did you get caught: i pay for things
-- changed who you were to fit in: not cool

Series Eight - The Future:
-- age you hope to be married: 23(i'll only marry for money so i still hafta be young)
-- describe your dream wedding: one that my rich husband pays for
-- how do you want to die: i don't
-- where you want to go to college: i go to bcc
-- what do you want to be when you grow up: an independent business woman.
-- what country would you most like to visit: italy, france, amsterdam

Series Nine - Currents:
{x} current clothes: white long sleeve shirt, green roxy sweats, flip flops and sunglasses on my head
{x} current mood: tired and hungover but happy
current annoyance: that i have another class and then work
{x} current thing you ought to be doing: my computer work
{x} current desktop:on my computer, the beach
{x} current favorite groups: i <3 almost all music
{x} current book: my school work
{x} current dvd in player: um, cant hardly tape is still in there from last night
{x} current refreshment: i drank milk before i came to class
{x} current worry: that im gonna get bad grades
{x} current favorite celebrity: lead singer of tbs...im gonna rape him

Series Ten - Number Of:
-- Number of boyfriends you've had: i'm not a player i just fuck a lot
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: weed is not a drug!
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: like 2 or 3
-- Number of CDs that I own: my cd tower is completely full
-- Number of piercings: my ears and cartlidge
-- Number of tattoos: none
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: ?
-- Number of scars on my body: a few here and there
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Subject:the scent of sex and newfouns glory
Time:12:39 pm.
Mood: happy.
i seriously can't stop smiling. i woke up this morning and was so fucked up last night i didn't remember how i got there, then i did and i haven't been able to get this smile off my face all day. last night aron came over..i snuck him in and we drank capatin in my room, lol, it was fun. then we went on a lil country ride. i was too far gone to drive so he had the honor. we hadda have mikey follow us to my house so i could get home. i went upstairs and hadda pee really bad, but i was trapped in my room...i hadda pee in a cranberry juice bottle, it was funny. then my bed was heaven<3. i don't know what it is but lately i've just been really happy, probly cuz i'm always drunk. lol, like i told jake, drunks really are happier people. sunday ngiht and monday night i drank w. myself, it was fun. tuesday me and mikey got drunk at burger king, hahha, party at bk is whats up. tonight i might drink w/mark, if not i'll end up drinking by myself, whatev, all i know is that i go thru a gallon of captain a week, holla!
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Sunday, November 16th, 2003

Subject:independent business woman w/ issues
Time:1:58 am.
Mood: confused.
NO! fuck my last post, i CAN NOT! and WILL NOT! allow myself to be so naive. i know better than that damnit! i am lauren mari, independent business woman. i just need to talk to a certified independent business woman to see how independent business women relate to matters of the heart...or if they even deal w/ them at all(my thoughts). fuckin ay man, why can;t there just be like a set of instructions to follow, it would be so much easier.
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Subject:watch me as i fall
Time:1:42 am.
Mood: scared.
it's like that blink song where it goes..."i haven't been this scared in a long time and im so unprepared so here's your valentine". ...i'm an independent woman, i don't cop feelings, so what the fuck is wrong with me then. feelings are dangerous, not to mention really gay. i don't want to be a dumb girl, what would an independent woman do? nm, i know the answer to that, but i'm not so sure. i know the smart thing to do, but when do i ever do the smart thing. fuck, i'm an asshole and i can't help myself.
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Tuesday, November 4th, 2003

Subject:got bored, here
Time:1:20 pm.
what color are your eyes: green
what do you think of yourself: i am an independent woman for sure
what are your future plans: make it thru til summer so i can live at the beach for 3 months
what do you think of liars: they're worthless
what do you think of your mom/dad/parents: i'm an asshole
where is your favorite place to be: lbi, moose adventures
what about love: it's dumb and scary
what about your friends: <3 they're all special to me for different reasons <3
what about that current someone: i'm not a player i just fuck a lot...but i do have a crush
where is the most beautiful place in the world: the beach while stoned
do others know you well: depends on who it is
what do you think about fall: i wish it were summer again
what do you think about winter: i wish it was summer
what do you think about summer: it's the best thing in the entire world
what about morning: i wake up w/ a hangover every day
what do you think about revenge: not to quote movielife or anything but..."living well is the best revenge"

love::: life
hate::: it not being summer
weakness::: fear doubt and vulnerability
strength::: confidence
intelligence::: i hope so
stupidity::: i'm retarted not stupid
anger::: i just don't give a fuck

is your best friend?: they're all very important to me
is your partner in crime?: hahahha, welll, the rtc, cass, and moosey(i'm involved in a lotta that)
is your boyfriend/girlfriend?: who wants one of those
is your closest friend?: all of them
is your worst enemy?: i don't care enough
do you think is annoying?: stupid people
do you think is stupid?: people
is your best friend in the opposite sex?: jake
is fun to be with?: all my freinds
do you want to kill right now?: a bottle of captain
is the funniest person?: all my freinds are a fuckin riot
is the craziest person?: all crazy in different ways too

Who are you?: lauren
Are you male or female?: girl
Where do you live?: new jersey
What do you look like?: in the words of brendin a little dego w/ pumpkin tits, hahah.
What do you want to say to the one you love?: i don't love anyone
What do you want to say to the one you hate?: i'm better off
What do you want to say to your best friend?: lets smoke!
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?: fresh outta law school whippin an escelade
What's your attitude towards drugs and alcohol?: dependent
What's your secret?: i don't have any real secrets
Do you have any special talents?: yea, it's called being awesome
What does love mean to you?: F' that noise!
What does friendship mean to you?: good fuckin times
Are you a strong person?: yes
What makes you angry?: dishonesty and shadiness
What makes you happy?: moose advenures, 80s night, china buffet, and gettin fucked up, oh and duh, the beach!
Where would you rather be?: on a warm beach
What's the worst thing that could happen to you?: not become successful
How do feel when you think about your happiest memory?: i laugh and wanna do it again
How do you feel when you think about your biggest mistake?: i say fuck it, i've moved on
What are you looking forward to in life?: being rich and successful, short term..being at the beach again
What are you afraid of?: falling in love
What are some words to live by?: anything biggie has ever said
Do you go to school?: yepp
When was the last time you cried?: don't remember
When was the last time you kissed someone?: friday
When was the last time you hugged someone?: in the past couple days
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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003

Subject:finally got motivated to update the good ol' lj...
Time:10:38 pm.
i can't even begin to tell everything i've done since my last real post...all i know is that last night i hungout w/ manda at the bar and it made me think...i love my life so much, my freinds and i have so much more fun than anyone i know...honest to god. like i realize that everyday of my life, whether shitty or not i always seem to end up havin fun. i love my freinds so much! oh, the peejatron is back from tour for a little bit, we all went and saw texas chainsaw massacre...WITH NIKKI!!!:) who was also home this weekend, i love my freinds here so much, but i still miss the other ones when they're away. the thing is....the other night when i was hangin out w/ all those ppl, it reminded me of old times, and it was just weird...i mean sure it was fun, but to be honest, i like things the way they are now. i go to school, i go to work, i live my life...it's a damn good time. it's so odd, but things never seem to go my way, but lately, knock on wood, things have been smooth sailin, i hope everything keeps up! in other news, there really isn't any, i've been on many adventures that i just can't explain in lj, but let me tell you, there's nothing like nyc w/ jake or throwin up french food in a parking lot w/ brooke, or prince w/ angie, or anything w/ manda, or nikki's room doin what we do best, or pj dancin, or lauren have jungle fever...if i forgot anyone then maybe we need to go on an adventure! gonna go read cosmo...later gators!
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Monday, September 29th, 2003

Subject:it's hard to eat when you're head banging
Time:8:17 pm.
i'll never be a patera fan in love

i am a yuppy

i don't like metal

but how i envy panter fans in love
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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003

Subject:the inner workings of a man nig's mind....holler
Time:1:09 pm.
i gave up smoking pot...i had finally just smoked myself retarted and i had to give it up. i am still pondering about what to do with ruca...i couldn't give her up for adoption, i love her too much. i spend a lot of time at prince cuz dr. dan is always there. monday niht i was there for 3 1/2 hrs and last night for 3. fuckin sweet i ended up sitting with him both times too...mando and company stopped by, i love her swivel ass. me and the ang are forever goin there. the other night we were stoned as shit and she always punches things when she laughs and that just makes me laugh harder. but on the real, that girl is a fucking genius, she totally remembered the entire ode to anjew that i wrote 2 summers ago, fucking amazing. last night me and amy discussed who made up the shampoo all stars, my goal is to one night have all of them there and i will drink vodka and dance to fuckin on the dance floor with my freinds and it will be the happiest night of my life. i'm goin insane dude. this happened to thuggy when she stopped smokin pot too, you have all this built up energy and shit. that reminds me, i wrote her a poem today, it's fuckin sweet i gotta give it to her, maybe i will mail it to her, that is always more fun. getting mail makes a person feel important. it's really weird, i'm in my computer class now and finished my lab so i have like 35 minutes to kill and i'm lookin around and there is this kid who looks like someone i got with before and it just creeps me the hell out. his gf is in this class to and she's really fuckin nasty, it makes me giggle. oh! in other news i got my fake i.d. taken away, fuckin peace keepers, fuck asbury park. i hate nigs and i hate security guards, other than surf and skate there is no reason for me ever to return. it's tuesday, by this time tomorrow it will be like 10 hrs and counting til the poo....fuckin sweet ass! i think i'm gonna buy myself ice too. cuz at first i was like, no you can't buy yourself diamonds, ya gotta have someone else buy em for you, but then i remembered independent woman pt 1 and beyonces all "rocks i'm rockin..i bought em" and i'm like, oh shit i'm an independent woman, i can rock my own ice. i'm workin almost 45 hrs this week, ima have almost 500 ballies, its gonna rule, even tho my lawyer raped me in the ass and charged me $500 for 2.5 hrs of service, i can't wait til i can rape ppl in the ass like that. i just had a listerine strip, those shits like completely refresh you, which is awesome cuz i haven't taken a shower since sunday, ahahaha. bein a dirtball is so much fun tho. i already don't wash my clothes, i figure when i get hairy enough and i'll bathe and shave and be all sexy and shit, lol. omg i can not stop rambling but i'm having so much fun right now. i know no one is going to read this but i don't care. right now iam actually typing everything i am thinking...blatent idiocy. whatev whatev! i'm gonna go order polo clothes online, OH FUCK! no i'm not, i took my damn wallet outta my purse, i should know my credit card # by now, well check card, not credit card, whatev, i'll decide what i wanna buy. lates alligator fuckers.
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Saturday, September 13th, 2003

Subject:nothing's perfect
Time:8:09 pm.
i can't write in this thing anymore, i hate it.
i go to school and work, and it just repeats itself. i am not happy with my life. my irony is that all i ever wanted do was make money, in less than 10 yrs i will be making a lawyer's salary and will still be miserable. it's ashame, it really is. i am a fuck up, i can't avoid that. i might be able to get good grades but i suck at life. it's pathetic and i am completely helpless when it comes to life. so i'm just gonna do what i need to do to become "successful" in life, as in get a good job, move out on my own. i'm not ever getting married, marraige disgusts me, i don't plan on ever really having kids either...so if i just have a successful career but no family does that really mean i will be a success or just a damn shame?
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Thursday, September 11th, 2003

Subject:you will be back someday
Time:3:33 am.
so shampoo, i love it. is the climax of my week. a couple of shampoo all stars showed up...crazy asian man made an appearance, but left before we saw him dance which really is ashame...i've never seen anyone work a fany pack like that, HAHAHAHA! amy also said she had a wolverine spotting, i went lookin, i didnt see any marvel characters. we all missed pj, and i decided tonight that since pj can not fufill his duties at shampoo due to the fact that he is out on tour, i will not miss a week, and i will go in his honor..we miss ya heartbreaker! lol. some guy came up and tried introducin himself to me meg cass and ali and they all said their names and he asks mine and the asshole that i am goes "Man Arms...don's ask, my boyfreindis a professional wrestler, he nicknamed me that. oh yes, i am an asshole. tomorrow is a big day..i have to be up for school in 4 hrs, i don't care tho, i just smoked so im about ready for bed. i miss nikki, i miss pj, i miss jake and manda and zara:( saturday i'm going to the party at marks. OH! that reminds me...i met this kid, my future husband to be exact..dr. dan:) he is studying to be a dr. and is hot and has the hottest stomche i'e ever seen. so i decided that we must get married, b/c i want to be a lawyer, and he'll be a doctor and we'll have 5 little niglets and my family could be just like the cosby show except white...i could not ask for more out of life. tomorrow me and amy are planning on going to see andrew wk, i plan on crowdsurfing to party hard and leaving. it would rule. lj is so fun when you're stoned. i need sleep. goodnight all:) xoxo!
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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003

Time:1:23 pm.
right now i'm in class and have an overwhelming urge to yell CUNT
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Sunday, September 7th, 2003

Subject:i do not like the new lj set up
Time:10:37 pm.
i seriously fucking hate live journal anymore, i think it's just b/c it's a recorded reflection of my life, which isn't all that terriffic. i met aaron, he's adorble, he call me when he's supposed to, we make a date, he tells me he'll call me right back, i haven't heard from him since thursday night when he said he'd call right back. i have been talking to mark online and at shampoo lately,i am supposed to go over his house tonight, don't know if i am or not yet. he reminds me of him, i don't like it, but i still talk t him because i am a dumb girl. i am in school, doing well so far i suppose. a lot more is to come,i jsut gotta stick with it. i know that the whole love/relationship thing isn't my fortee so i suppose making money will be. i wish mark would hurry the fuck up and get back, i am sick of sitting here.
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Thursday, August 28th, 2003

Subject:holla back
Time:6:19 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
so last night cass is supposed to come to shampoo with me and backs out at the last second so go by myself like a fag. i smoked on the way there and didn't drink at all, it was gay. i sat at the bar thing and talked to adam steph and danielle. then aaron ad his freind came up and me and aaron went to my car to smoke since shampoo was wack. so we try goin to south street and everything is closed, we just walked around talkin and gettin lost, it was good times. we went back to the club and couldn't get back in so we just chilled in my car some more. everybody started leavin the club and he went back to meet up with his ride and i went on home. this morning i went and got all my books, 400 bucks, now tell me that's not some shit, good thing my mom paid for it, lol. now i'm gettin ready to hit up mikey and go down the shore, ttyl lj!:)
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Time:11:03 pm.
Mood: hopeful.
last week as my vacation and i had soooo much fun, despite the fact that i broke my pinkie last wedesday after shampoo, but it's cool cuz they gave me pain killers, i basicaly spent the entire week at the beach smoking, gettin fucked up and trynna tan. saturday me brooke brendin and tony went to atlantic city, i brought them back and went back and met up with business man jim. he took me to a bar called the blue martini inside ballys and bough me drinks. i drank cosmopolitans and we watched the black lesbians next to us, then jim bought them a drink too, ha ha ha. we were in there for a looong time just drinkin and talkin, it was nice. then we went and shot craps and slot machines and he let me lose all his money. we headed back to is place and by the time we got there it was 6 0 clock in the morning, we finally passed out around 9. the next day he drove me back and i went back to lbi. it was really nice, and much to my suprise so was he. i didn't even fuck him either, i wanna wait, cuz i kinda actually like this one :/. it kinda scares me, i don't deal with boys, maybe i should start. im goin back down the shore this weekend cuz i have off so i think im gonna give him a call. i hope i'm not setting myself up for disappoint, but i know i am. i do it all the time. maybe i'm not as independent as i think am:( today me and lauren smoked and went to olive garden, our waier, Z, was all about her, lol. then we went to cherry hil mall and i of course bought lots of shit because i honestly have a problem when it comes to shopping, oh well, at least i have cute clothes. i'm really tired, i should clean my room but i think i want to go to sleep instead so goodnight lj!:)
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